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it support Eastleigh HampshireWe provide IT Support Eastleigh & IT Consultancy Services Eastleigh, Hampshire. We specialise in IT Support, networking and computer services to small and medium sized businesses in Eastleigh. Therefore, our business model is designed specifically for businesses who employ between 1 to 40 people. So, depending on your IT Support budget or needs, we can offer you pay as you go IT Services in Eastleigh on demand as and when you need, or a comprehensive Managed IT Support Package.



How much will IT Services cost?

it services eastleigh hampshireUltimately our clients find that after the initial outlay this is quickly recuperated back through extra productivity. So, IT which is done correctly should end up costing you nothing. With the right IT Support for your business you will save yourself much frustration, time, and hard earned money.

We don't offer you expensive solutions to non-existent problems or recommend replacing something that currently works without any issues. Furthermore, we only provide affordable, simple solutions that you can understand and that will benefit you and your business.

Therefore, we can provide IT Support on either an hourly rate basis that can be reduced depending on the number of hours required or a monthly upfront management fee.

Securing critical business data doesn't have to be costly.

it support services EastleighIf the answer is yes to any one of the following questions then why not book a free consultation?

  • Are you looking for simple and effective IT Support in Eastleigh without the complex jargon and with a setup that you can understand and afford?
  • Seems like you are wasting your own time dealing with computer issues and not doing your own job of growing your business?
  • Maybe you are concerned about losing critical business data but also worried about spending too much on IT support services?

Decrease IT Support cost and increase overall peace of mind

 computer engineer eastleighBecause of the comprehensive IT Support Services that we provide, your business will be covered against IT eventualities that may have a negative impact on your business. Accordingly, we like to keep things simple, efficient and robust. Consequently, this gives you the confidence that if things do go wrong they will be easily and speedily rectified by a Microsoft Certified Engineer. 

As we can recognise efficient technical solutions and implement only the products and IT services your business requires, we can fashion for you the conditions for both optimum long term infrastructure stability and maximum employee productivity. 

Just some of the IT services Eastleigh that we can implement for you include:

  • Flexible Managed IT Support in Eastleigh
  • Pay as You Go on-demand IT Support in Eastleigh
  • Fully Automated On-Line and Off-Line Backups
  • Server & Workstation Installations & Repairs
  • Networking Installation, Network Diagnostics and Repairs
  • Telephone & Remote Desktop Support
  • Synced Documents, Calendars, Email and Domain Setup
  • Disaster Recovery & Data Management
  • Exchange, VPN, FTP
  • Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Apple MAC Repairs & Upgrades
  • Office Desktop Computers, Laptop Repairs and Printer/scanner/fax Setup

it support in eastleigh


Why call a geek when you can call an IT professional?

If you require further details on the Pay as You Go IT Services Eastleigh or Managed IT Support Eastleigh we offer then please contact us to arrange a free Consultation for your business. After all you really do have nothing to lose!

Let us manage your Information Technology so you can manage your business!