IT Support Services in Eastleigh Tailored to Your Business

Our family run IT Support company, Computerwise Information Technology Ltd delivers a range of IT services in Eastleigh and Hampshire to business of all shapes and sizes. We are passionate about technology and customer service, allowing you to concentrate on your passion - your business. Therefore, we can provide you with IT Support in Eastleigh on an hourly rate pay as you go basis starting at £55.00 per hour. Most noteworthy, this can be reduced to as low as £35.00 per hour depending on the number of hours required. Alternatively, we can work on a fixed fee quotation basis or, for a monthly fee starting form £150 per month we can offer you a comprehensive IT Support package.

Managed IT Support Eastleigh

Comprehensive Managed IT Support Packages for businesses in Eastleigh start at £150 per month. We can provide peace of mind that IT Support for your business is always available whenever required.

Pay As You Go IT Services

Hourly rate Pay As You Go prices start at £55.00 per hour. Most noteworthy, this can be reduced to as low as £35.00 per hour depending on the number of hours required.

Server and Client Repairs

Server repairs and installations, desktop computer repairs, office laptop repairs and upgrades, printer, scanner and fax setup. We are able to solve all your computer issues.

Website Design & SEO

We build professional looking websites that are optimised for Google Search. We also provide SEO and digital marketing services to help you promote your business online.

Automated & Cloud Backups

We setup automated on-site and off-site (cloud) backup solutions. Consequently, this keeps your critical business data secured.

Network Diagnostics & Repair

Our Certified network technicians diagnose and repair your network issues fast. We also setup new networks including servers and network attached storage drives.

Simple and affordable IT Support Solutions & IT Services in Eastleigh

We pride ourselves in providing first class IT Support in Eastleigh and the surrounding area to all types of small and medium sized businesses. Our services include, IT Support, IT Consultancy and general IT Services in Eastleigh which caters for all your business requirements. Our business model is designed specifically to provide IT Services to small and medium sized businesses in Eastleigh, Hampshire who employ between 1 to 50 people.

Computerwise Information Technology Ltd

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